Watch Friends Online

If your looking to watch friends online you have plenty of choices. Some of these choices are free and some are paid. Here is a quick list of your options:

Watch Friends Online – Some episodes are free (with ads) but if you want access to them all you will need to upgrade to a “plus” membership for $6.99 a month. What’s nice is that you can watch all your favorite shows on almost any device.



Friends on – Netflix is entirely paid (no free version) but for $5 you get access to a lot of great shows and lots of movies too. Netflix doesn’t have nearly as many tv shows as Hulu does but they have more movies as an added benefit. And of course you can watch friends on Netflix as well.


Friends on RokuRoku -This is a device that connects to your tv and allows you to watch almost any show or movie through almost any online service provider. The list includeds Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Crackle, etc. You will need to have subscriptions to each service but many services are free; and what can’t be found on one service might be able to be found on another.

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